# Blockbench addon introduction

# What is Blockbench?

Blockbench is a software develped by JannisX11 specifically for Minecraft 3D modelling.

  • Blockbench is simple to operate, and has almost no presequites to master;
  • Blockbench is an open sourced free software, anyone can use it;
  • Blockbench supports plugins, which allow easy installation of powerful plugins;
  • Models made with Blockbench can be exported as OBJ file, which then can be rendered using any modern 3D modelling tool, to create beautiful images;
  • Blockbench support blocks, items and entities in Minecraft Java edition, entity modelling in Bedrock edition, entity modelling in OptiFine, and many other functions, it's the one essential tool in your Minecraft model creation process.

Official website: https://blockbench.net/


# Touhou LIttle Maid Plugin

For the convienience of designing resource pack for the mod, I've made a plugin for Blockbench.

  • This plugin is easy to use;
  • It's simple to create resource pack folder;
  • It's quick to import models that has pre-existing resource packs;
  • It can quickly export models from resource packs;

Note: Do not change the name of the plugin, or the loading will fail!

Update method: Override the old file, and restart Blockbench!

Version Download link Update
1.0.4 [Download] Added modular animation support
1.0.3 [Download] Added optimized square skirt; Added hiding option for switching armor piece; Added rotation listing function; Added default cancel/redo option for pre-existing skeletons
1.0.2 [Download] Added various default models, such as polygonial and square skirts; Fixed some bugs.
1.0.1 [Download] Added function to generate default models and animation skeletons
1.0.0 [Download] Initial design for importing and exporting model packs