# Custom Gacha Probability

Version 1.1.9 added a new gacha feature, under the condition of maids' free model changing is off, gacha function is turned on automatically. Players or server owners can use CSV files to customize the level and probability of getting each maid model.

# Changing Gacha Probability

Gacha probability is changed using the default config file, for singleplayer worlds, you can change it int the config file directly. For servers, you will need to config/touhou_little_maid.cfg file through script editor.

# Customize and Adding Maid Model Coupons

Under game main menu, in config/touhou_little_maid folder, create draw.csv file, open it using Excel or other software, create a three column table。 Here we have an example, note that the table does not need a header, just need the data.

touhou_little_maid:hakurei_reimu 10 5
touhou_little_maid:kirisame_marisa 13 4
touhou_little_maid:fujiwara_no_mokou 20 3
touhou_little_maid:kisin_sagume 5 3

First column is model id, you can add it through custom models' model id in the resource packs;

Second is the weight (Range: 0-2,147,483,647), weight is calculated based on the sum of the weight of the same level and randomly pick from it;

Third column is the level (Range: 1-5), different levels corresponds to different prize pools, different levels of gacha can gain you the corresponding maid model coupons;

After completing the table, save it (there may be a notification about compability, just click "Yes"), then when you're in game type the command /draw_coupon reload to reload the config files.

# The Default Probability Files

You can unzip the models to obtain the default probability files, the default probability files only contains Touhou Project models;

The file to unzip is assets/touhou_little_maid/draw.csv.