# Custom Altar Crafting

1.1.9 version added compability to 'CraftTweaker', now you can edit item crafting in altars through 'CraftTweaker'.

Before using this function, please make sure you have understood the basic script writing method for 'CraftTweaker'.

// Simplified template for recipes for importing related ZenClass
import mods.touhoulittlemaid.Altar;

// Adding item recipes
// First parameter: Strings, showing the recipe ID, recommend you write in the format of xxxx:xxxx, and make sure it does not share names with other receipes
// Second parameter: Floating point, showing the necessary P point required for crafting
// Third parameter: IItemStack type, the output item for said recipe
// There's several other parameters, you can write up to 6 parameters, all being IIngredient type, showing the input for said recipe
Altar.addItemCraftRecipe("touhou_little_maid:craft_camera", 0.2,
                         <ore:blockGlass>, <ore:sand>, <minecraft:diamond_sword>);

// Example for changable parameter, here it is written as the input item for a recipe
Altar.addItemCraftRecipe("touhou_little_maid:craft_apple", 0.2,

// Example for spawn maid
Altar.addMaidSpawnCraftRecipe("test:replace_maid", 0.5, 
                              <minecraft:grass>, <minecraft:grass>, <minecraft:grass>);

// Example for maid revive
// This recipes can only write 1-5 items, the garage kit items are directly forced to be embedded in the recipes
Altar.addMaidReviveCraftRecipe("test:reborn_maid", 0.3, 
                               <minecraft:grass>, <minecraft:grass>, <minecraft:grass>);

// Example for spawn other mob
// Third parameter: entity id
Altar.addEntitySpawnCraftRecipe("test:spawn_pig", 0.2, "minecraft:pig", 
                                <minecraft:stone>, <minecraft:stone>, <minecraft:stone>);

// To delete a recipe, you can delete through recipe id, this is alwso why we mentioned you need to set unique recipe id above
// There is only one parameter, which is recipe id, you can check the included recipe ID through JEI