# Custom Hata Sasimono's Textures Description

Version 1.1.4 and above added function to customize Hata Sasimono's texture, players only need to make images through a specified method, and load it ingame, to add more Hata Sasimono's patterns for the maids.

Image loading support hot reload, you can directly hot reload them using ingame commands.

# Descriptions

  • This descriptions applies to Touhou Little Maid mod version 1.1.4 and above;
  • Requires basic operation of image creation software, and knowledge on image formats;


# How to Create Hata Sasimono's image

Any png image with a width to height rato of 2:3 will do, it support transparent layers, specific parameter for image design can be seen below;


Put the created Hata Sasimono image into hata_texture folder, which is under touhou_little_maid folder of client side config folders, enter the command /hata reload ingame to hot reload.

# Note

  • Hata Sasimono's image only includes customization for flag portion, flagpole texture cannot be customized;
  • Hata Sasimono's image has to be in png format;
  • Hata Sasimono's image only need to be placed in clientside, there is no need to upload it to the serverside, it won't load;
  • Hata Sasimono's image has no naming convention.